Our Methodology

To improve your marketing strategy, you need a plan that’s built and executed in a structured manner. That’s why we take this 4-step approach.


marketing strategy analyze


We dive deep into your content and data to identify the most important trends and opportunities for you.

marketing strategy plan


With the data we gather , we build an effective, detailed, and tailored action plan specific to your business.

marketing strategy execute


Then we put it into action! Posts, advertisements, content, and SEO are placed and analyzed.

marketing strategy optimize


This is the most important step. Analyze the responses, adjust your approach, and execute again.

marketing strategy john testimonial

John Benson

“Our experience with Trent has been not only extremely helpful, but really eye opening. I couldn’t recommend him or his firm any higher. So if you want to improve your business, you need his marketing strategy! Thanks, Trent!”

testimonial 2

Suzanna Johnson

“Trent is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting his clients, He took the time to review my current marketing strategy and helped me reshape my focus to best reach my ‘A’ clients. He has truly been an asset.”

testimonial 3

Brandon Oliver

“Working with Trent exceeded all my expectations. He was able to take my ideas on what I wanted and create a well-crafted marketing strategy to help my business thrive. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Meet The CEO

Trent Profile

Trent Kennelly

Marketing Chops: Trent is consummate marketing strategist – With years of experience marketing all different types of businesses, deep analytics knowledge, and incredible content, he can take your business to the next level fast.  Creating great ads isn’t enough – you need to understand how everything plays together to reach success

Who He Is: Trent is an infinite learner that believes nothing is beyond your possibilities.  He has pushed himself to learn video editing, many different writing styles, photography, and even programming!  Trent loves putting these skills to use with his clients

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