4 Google Analytics Reports No Business Can Live Without

Google Analytics is an amazing source to understand who your visitors (and hopefully your customers) are. But there’s so much information, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what’s most important to improve your own site’s performance. So here are 4 reports that are absolutely vital, no matter your business.


Where to find it: Audience -> Demographics -> Overview

All marketing research starts with the basics – gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Essentially – who IS your customer? If you want to know about how customers are responding to your site, you have to know exactly what type of person is interested in it in the first place. Basic information like age and gender help you understand what makes your customer tick. So you can form your message around the type of people that are most likely to buy


Where to find it: Audience -> Geo -> Location

So you know who they are, now where are they coming from? The experiences of people from the United States are worlds away from those of people living in China. Which means that if you see a map like one above (darker blue means more visits) you’ll know you resonate most with Americans. If the USA isn’t your target audience, well, it’s time to rework your message.


Where to find it: Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels

If you want to know what marketing channels (i.e. Facebook, email, SEO, etc.) are the most successful for your business, then this is the report for you. With Google Analytics’ channels report, you can see visitors, unique visitors, amount of time they spend on the site, how many pages they visit, and so much more. This report is great for helping you focus your time, energy, and money in the platforms that get the best response rates and push the most people through to conversion.

Behavior Flow

Where to find it: Behavior -> Behavior Flow

This is my absolute favorite feature of Google Analytics. You can see how people are moving through your site and find weak points in your sales funnel. Look to see if your users are going back and forth between pages, or if they always leave from the same point.

Google Analytics is an amazing tool, and there’s so much more to it than the four reports I just listed. You need to take the time to really dig into it. But if you’re in a pinch and need answers fast, this is the way to go

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