5 Ways To Decrease Your Bounce Rate & Make More Sales In 2020

Have you noticed a high bounce rate on your website? No idea what a bounce rate is? Just looking to improve movement through the site? This video is for you! I’m taking you through 5 different things that you HAVE to look at if you want a stronger bounce rate and an increase in the number of people moving through your funnel. Check it out!

Here are the sites I referenced in this video:

Google Analytics: analytics.google.com
GTMetrix: www.gtmetrix.com
Arngren (If you want to make your eyes bleed): www.arngren.net
Fullalyfe: www.fullalyfe.com
Pacific Northwest XRay (If you weren’t done being totally confused): http://www2.pnwx.com/

My amazing website about Giant hate was built with absolutely 0 effort using Wix: https://wixstats.com/?a=32823&c=2252&s1=

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