How To Use BANT To Make Better Business Decisions For Your Website

How To Use BANT To Make Better Business Decisions For Your Website // The BANT sales technique is the perfect way to ask the right qualifying questions in order to make better business decisions. But the BANT process is more than a business decision making tool. The BANT methodology can ALSO be used to great effect in your marketing strategy. So in this video we’ll go through a bunch of qualifying questions for Budget, Authority, Need, and Time in order to identify how to sell to our customer and the best sales methodology to employ when doing so. So if you’re looking to use the top sales tips on your website and to use the BANT sales methodology to explore a BANT sales model that is both a sales technique AND full of incredible marketing tips, then let’s get started on this sales training, discuss your BANT model, and how the BANT sales process can work in the long term for your business.
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Here are the questions I promised:

– Budget
— What are you currently spending on the problem?
— How much would it cost you to create your own solution to the problem?
— How much will it cost you if you haven’t fixed the problem in 5 years?
— What is your expected outcome from a budget perspective?
— ROI? Lower CPA?

– Authority
— What does your decision-making process look like?
— Who else is involved in the decision making process?
— What is your process for determining success on projects like this?

– Need
— What motivated you to look for a solution at this time?
— What happens if the problem isn’t solved?
— How important is this project to your continued success?
— What steps have you already taken to solve this problem?

– Time
— Is there any event this needs to be completed by?
— How does this play into future initiatives?
— What resources do you have to meet this timeline?

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