Stock Photos for Websites – Use or Avoid Them?

Stock Photos for Websites – Use or Avoid Them? // Stock photo websites are everywhere online nowadays. You can find free stock images in thousands of places like Pixabay and Pexels. But are free stock photos the way to go? Are even the BEST royalty free images from the top image websites worth your time (and money)? Well, in website design there’s a surprising amount of consideration that needs to be given to the graphic design and best copyright free images to be used. Just because it’s on Unsplash, Stocksnap, Wikimedia, or Flickr doesn’t mean it’s worth putting on YOUR site. As a graphic designer, your web design business needs to consider the best graphic design stock images and the best websites for free stock photos. So in this web design tutorial we’re talking about the best stock photo websites, the best adobe stock alternative, and so much more. Ready to learn about the best free stock photo websites? Let’s go!

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Resources Mentioned:
Twenty20 / Envato:
LiveChat Website:
Marcos Bravo’s LinkedIn:
Success By LiveChat YouTube:
Basketball shot from iStock:
Search for “people” on Pixabay to get the most boilerplate images ever:
Creative Commons attribution info:
Envato vector search:
Twenty20 stock search:
Girl and father photo:
Two people in love shot:
Cat in a plant:
Family Beach iStock search:
Shutterstock “Stuff” search:
Distracted Boyfriend Meme Source:
Vector art of girl and a cat:
Bubbles/Liquid Shapes Example:
Partial green screen example:
Example of a bad stock photo:
Example of a good stock photo:
Vector example 1:
Vector example 2:
Vector example 3:
Vector example 4:
Vector example 5:
Isometric drone shot:
Vector artist I like:
The unique stock photo:
The bad stock photo:
Scene from Traffic (the movie):
Soft lighting example:
Hard lighting example:

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